Anybody (1995)

ANYBODY (1995)


That blow went home some bones are probably broken

Got some scratches now this might hurt a little

Inject antibiotics pure penicillin can I get a clean cut shot of morphine

My shoes are 2 small 4 my feet here’s a rap you can need

Give me a piece of that meat

Bloody body parts all over the place to be

Check out the scars on my scrotum

Anybody scream!

Rock Attack Ten/ Poodle Naked

ANYBODY is the result of collaboration between Blok & Steel and the hip-hop band Poodle Naked. Poodle naked is formed from various members of the renowned Dutch band Gotcha! They were awarded the name “The Dutch Godfathers of hip hop”.


With the “(damaged) body” as inspiration, Blok & Steel have created dance and Poodle naked has composed music and written lyrics, challenging and enhancing each other within their particular medium. Their aim is to melt both raw rap and dynamic dance to produce direct, energetic and visual theatre.

Anybody was first created in 1995, performed at Paradiso Amsterdam, Tivoli Utrecht and Festival de Nouvelle Danse in Montreal, Canada. It was reworked in 1997 to form a double bill with Pull The Plug.

Press quotes:

Anybody is an explosion of images and sound. Five dancers skim past the audience when needed […] the raised stage and extended catwalk provide more direct contact with the dancers, sometimes even intimate. Blok & Steel are a striking appearance: muscled, charming, quick, strong and cool […]


Gerdie Snellers – Volkskrant (NL)


The rappers of Poodle Naked guarantee a dynamic and appealing sound. […] Blok & Steel search for boundaries in a hilarious way […] scenes follow each other in fast tempo, with their acrobatic style as connecting element. […] A fresh and entertaining performance with the additional advantage of attracting a new audience to dance.


Astrid van leeuwen – Algemeen dagblad (NL)


Their duet, a melting of two bodies, the contact-improvisation based trio’s, movement which flows and a very good sense of timing […]


Helma Klooss – Haagsche Courant (NL)


The bouncing, jumping, rolling and challenging dance on the catwalk make the combination of Blok & Steel and Poodle Naked very contagious. Anybody is entertaining; with acrobatic and reckless tricks on rousing hip hop.


Godert van Colmjon – Utrechts Nieuwsblad





Pull The Plug / Anybody consists of two parts: a remake of Anybody, originally created in 1995 for the Springdance Festival 1995, and a new choreography: Pull The Plug. Like in the original Anybody, the rap band Poodle Naked will again collaborate with Blok & Steel. Poodle naked’s members are: Rock Attack Ten, Kid Crash and Rollarocka (Shy Rock also frontman of Postmen). They are accompanied by Beatcreater Brotha ‘R Cazmo, T-Nouz (Gutt) and Bark Sokpolie/ Kalebas (bass).


Pull The Plug is based on the speed of the nineties, the abundance of information and the fast construction and deconstruction of relationships. Anybody, based on an accident of a personal friend and the recovery of the damaged body, is a direct, energetic and wilful performance, in which raw rap and dynamic dance both clash and melt together.


Blok & Steel – Tour Pull the Plug/Anybody (1997)


21 maart Pius 10            Volendam (try-out)

22 maart De Koog            Noord Scharwoude (try-out)

27 maart Tagrijn            Hilversum (try-out)

29 maart  Buk Buk           Heiloo (try-out)

5 april  Paradiso           Amsterdam (premiere)

9 april  Agnietenhof        Tiel

12 april ’t Voorhuys        Emmeloord

15 april Het Park           Hoorn

18 april Stadsschouwburg    Sittard

22 april Leidse Schouwburg  Leiden

24 april Stadstheater       Zoetermeer

26 april Chassé Theater          Breda

27 april Stadsschouwburg     Eindhoven

29 april Cultureel Centrum  Hasselt (B)


2 mei         Stadsschouwburg     Utrecht

6 mei         Schouwburg              Gouda

7 mei         Schouwburg              Tilburg

9 mei         Stadsschouwburg     Heerlen

10 mei   Stadsschouwburg     Arnhem

13 mei   Stadsschouwburg     Groningen

14 mei   C.C. De Vest       Alkmaar

15 mei   De Harmonie        Leeuwarden

21 mei   Tollhaus           Kassel (BRD)

23-24 mei Mousonturm              Frankfurt (BRD)

30 mei   Theater Vrijthof    Maastricht


29 juni  Tanz Festival      Kassel (BRD)


19 juli  Julidans           Amsterdam


7-8 sept Dansfestival       Aken (BRD)