Dark Horses (1994)



Envy that corrodes like acid, eating away everything or anyone that is alive.


Gluttony that eats itself, eats food off the floor and turns men into swine.


The pride of viciously closed minds, the pride of power, pride in the ability to make hands sweat and shake, to inspire fear.


The anger of a wild cat is pure and beautiful; the anger of a lynch mob or a guard dog is ugly and diseased – ugly because it is distorted, diseased because it is imposed.”

William Burroughs



These quotes by William Burroughs, dealing with deadly sins, inspired Blok & Steel in the creation of Dark Horses.

Dark Horses succeeds Angelless in a diptych based on the Seven Deadly Sins. Dark Horses focuses on envy, anger, pride and gluttony. It deals with the darker sides of man. Emotions we can’t control and their subsequent situations. Feelings we can’t hide, and the vain attempts to do so. Dark Horses was created from within personal associations with these deadly sins.

Five individuals are together for one evening. Intimacy, joy, love, action and stillness. Dark Horses is a typical dynamic Blok&Steel performance. The dance is raw and personal, a combination of virtuosity, action-reaction, and intimacy.


Press quotes *:


Blok & Steel present the lost paradise […] an evening with five friends which gets totally out of hand. Moments of tenderness follow wild explosions of passionate movements. Solo’s, duets and group formations alternate quickly or take place simultaneously as in a circus with multiple rings. The dancers bodies jump over each other like dolphins in the oceans. Blok & Steel have achieved depth and clarity in their work. Dark Horses is their most disarming performance I have seen until now.

Caroline willems – NRC Handelsblad (NL)



Dark Horses is impressive with its spectacular and exciting dance.

Maarten baanders – Leidsche Courant


Blok & Steel take a new dimension. The lightness of Dark Horses is surprising considering their choice of theme and music. This entertaining performance contains a few highlights, in particular an almost lyrical duet in which vulnerability and warmth in an intimate relationship are portrayed in an extremely personal and visual way.

Marcel Armand van Nieuwpoort – Financieel Dagblad (NL)


Blok & Steel have succeeded in portraying the changes between silence and loudness, light and dark, in a beautiful way. The rhythm of the performance is almost to be called perfect. Blok & Steel work with image, emotions and physical possibilities. Their ability to break borders makes this a very special show.

Dick van Ommen – Zwolse Courant (NL)


[…] They show of – exuberantly through dance that is frequently tricky with circus moves – swift, acrobatic actions, stunts with fast-flying crockery, an element of clowning with Fellini atmosphere. […]

Mary brennan (Scotland)


Dark Horses is not just any dance performance. It’s acrobatic but not a circus. It’s modern dance but with classical beauty. It’s funny but not silly. Dark Horses is a sparkling light performance. It is theatre that says something about out times. The language is rough, romantic, serious and funny.

De Almare (NL)


* Originally Dutch reviews have been translated to English.