Still You/ Be Long (1991)

   The production Still You / Be Long consists of two duets. Still You is choreographed by Suzy Blok for Gabrielle Uetz and John Taylor. This duet was originally made for the choreography workshop organized by Het Concern in 1990 and is an acrobatic duet par excellence; two people tease and please one another in a series of games in search of the lost spark in their love relationship. Like most games these are harmless but tend to violence, resulting in spectacular and risky dance, alternated with humour and quiet moments.

Still You was adapted for film in 1993 with a screen-play written by Blok & Steel and Mijke de Jong. This film won the international IMZ Dance Screen Award in 1994.

Be Long, performed and choreographed by Blok & Steel, is also based on games but this time approached from the inner struggle to find a balance between freedom and commitment. Boredom, challenge, frustrations and love form the somewhat darker themes for this equally highly physical duet.

Press quotes:

Blok & Steel are developing a personal style, combining energetic physical dance with acrobatic elements, complete with trampoline and knife-act. The result is dynamic, captivating dance. It’s interesting to see that Blok & Steel can portray their ideas on others just as well as on themselves. With this kind of contribution, we should stop compaining about the lack of interesting choreographers.

Gerdie Snellers – De Volkskrant – NL.

The duo excels in their new program: a successful and playful choreography. Blok & Steel have a strong theatrical talent. Excitement on stage alternates with beautiful quiet moments, almost understatements of love, unexpected changes and funny jests.

Blok & Steel should be playing the big theatres. If modern experimental dance wants to become popular with a large audience, then this performance is its best publicity.

Chris Houtman – Nieuws van de Dag – NL