Tus Ojos Negros

  • Running Time:  9 minutes
  • Country:  Netherlands
  • Cast:  Suzy Blok, Jordi Casanovas, Mely Blok, Mirta Campos
  • Director:   Wolke Kluppel
  • Choreography: Suzy Blok
  • Screenplay: Suzy Blok & Wolke Kluppel
  • Producers: BBC, NPS
  • Executive producer: Egmond Flm


‘Her Dark Eyes’ is about memory. Mely, a woman, is standing in her room in front of a wardrobe with dresses. On the radio she hears a long forgotten song that awakens the past. We see her as a girl, a young woman, and a lady at age. Every period has its own emotions, movements and colour. Mely’s memory jumps up and down between moments of innocence, passion, struggle and resignation. But her dark eyes are always her dark eyes.


Seattle Post Intelligencer
seen at: Broadway Performance Hall, Seattle
Beyond The Threshold: Seattle International Dance Festival

…“Tus ojos negros” is particularly telling as different couples, and a few others, react to and dance the tango in a small, mostly deserted club. The very young are predictably charming, and rather good, and a youngish couple, including, I assume, Blok, are astonishing in their speed and verve. Blok choreographed a huge range of movement, not all of it strictly tango in steps, but tango in spirit. The two are the central part of the video and are riveting. The most poignant part comes with a woman well beyond her dancing prime who remembers the past, finally donning a sleeveless red dress and swaying slightly in front of a mirror. I did not want the piece to end.”

R.M. Campbel

Tus Ojos Negros: