Up at Down

  • Up at Down
  • BBC/NPS/Satori
  • 28 minutes
  • 2003

“Up at Down” is a film-adaptation by Suzy Blok & Clara van Gool of the dance production created by Suzy Blok in 2002. The Rumanian/British composer Alexander Balanescu composed music especially for this piece, which was highly acclaimed by the press as the highlight of the Oerol festival. The dancers are Eldridge Labinjo, Kenneth Flak, Kelly Hirina and Yukio Tomino.

Four people seek shelter in a pilot by the harbour. What is happening outside is unclear – danger. Relationships are constantly built and broken. The central theme of ‘Up at Down’ focuses on the kind of events that leave an indelible impression and influence the course of an individual’s life. The dance and music interpret moments of loneliness, intimacy, passion, desperation or danger. These kinds of determining events, and the turning points that they effect, are transformed into the physical and theatrical dance movements that form the core of Blok’s work.