Still You 2

Still You 2 ( 2005-2006) is an adaptation of the successful choreography Still You, which Suzy Blok created in 1991, and which was filmed in 1993. The original version made for a man and a woman has now been adapted for two men. The central theme is the competition between two brothers. How do they relate to each other? They challenge each other in order to hide their vulnerability and to relieve their boredom. As the tension mounts, a teacup flies and becomes a weapon and a third personage.

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  • Concept & choreography Suzy Blok
  • Dance Martijn Kappers, Reinier Schimmel or Kelly Hirina, Vincent Colomes
  • Rehearsal directors John Taylor, Gabrielle Uetz
  • Decor & light-design Mike van de Lagemaat
  • Costumes Dorine van IJsseldijk
  • Technician Saskia Koenders
  • Production Angelique Bouwman, Kees Koeman
  • Assistant production DU Mariken van Sitteren
  • Publicity DU Anne-Mette Jurgens
  • Management DU Hans SchamlĂ©

Still You 2 is a stichting Satori production and was made possible with financial support by the Fonds voor Amateurkunst en Podiumkunsten.