Stranger Than Kindness

Stranger Than Kindness (2005-2006) is about a man and a woman, both caught up in their own worlds, who try to get closer to each other. The play of shadows on the set creates the illusion of dreams and reality fading in and out of each other. It’s as if the man’s hallucinations have gone too far, bringing to life an imaginary woman who takes control. She is surprising, mysterious and intangible, but remains vulnerable at the same time. The mutual challenge leads to fierce confrontations, which emphasise the tragedy of powerlessness. A duet about obsession, longing and fleeting passions.

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  • Concept & choreography Suzy Blok
  • Dance Kelly Hirina, Reinier Schimmel
  • Rehearsal director Iris Reyes
  • Decor & light-design Mike van de Lagemaat
  • Costumes Dorine van IJsseldijk
  • Technician Saskia Koenders
  • Production Angelique Bouwman, Kees Koeman
  • Assistant production DU Mariken van Sitteren
  • Publicity DU Anne-Mette Jurgens
  • Management DU Hans Schamlé

Stranger Than Kindness is a stichting Satori production and was made possible with financial support by the Fonds voor Amateurkunst en Podiumkunsten.


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