Music theatre production by Orkater. The promise of happiness lies just ahead. But life doesn’t stick to its promises. Three stories of six special ordinary people linked by blood ties. Confronted with bad news and unexpected responsibilities the personages react with shameless honesty, bravely or movingly naïve, causing painful funny moments. Bloedband (Blood ties) is about the beauty of the ordinary. Full of humor, poetry and melancholic sounds by musical multi-talent Beppe Costa. Suzy created the movement and dance parts for and with the six actors and three musicians.

Bloedband has been nominated for the “Toneel publieksprijs” 20072008

  • Authors: Leopold Witte, Geert Lageveen
  • Direction: Gijs de Lange
  • Movement choreography: Suzy Blok
  • Actors: Marisa van Eyle, Leny Breederveld, Nadja Hüpscher, Geert Lageveen, Leopold Witte, Beppe Costa
  • Musicians: Beppe Costa, Reint van den Brink, Mo Marcus, Arend Niks
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