I Like To Watch Too

I Like To Watch Too (ILTWT) is a dynamic program featuring the state of the art in (inter)national dance performance and ‘moving arts’. This unique event – which is part of Julidans and presents more than fourteen performances in one evening – takes place in the famous ‘pop temple’ of Amsterdam: the Paradiso venue. Literally everywhere in the building, from lobby to the main hall and to the basement, performances will take place. Artistic director Suzy Blok is well in touch with the Zeitgeist and juxtaposes rough and edgy, quiet and fragile, up and coming talent next to established names.

I Like To watch Too first took place in 2007 and has grown to be a yearly event of Paradiso in collaboration with Julidans festival. The red thread connecting all performers is their guts to make strong statements and the quest to find new ways of communicating with the audience.
I Like to Watch Too provides the possibility to keep abreast of developments on the (inter)national dance circuit. During the course of the evening, I Like to Watch Too extends into I Like to Watch and Dance Too, incorporating DJ’s and VJ’s as part of the performances.

The special hosts, a performance in themselves, lead you through the program.


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PARADISO 06.07.2013 & 07.07.2013

Performances in 2007

Dansgroep Krisztina de Châtel (Netherlands): Pulse (fragments) – Liz Aggis & Billy Cowie (Great-Britain): Men in the Wall – Billy Cowie: In the Flesh – Andrea Bozic (Croatia): Versus – Ederson R. Xavier (Brazil): Blink – Joel Grignard & Celine Perroud (BelgiumFrance): Convulsions – Chris Haring/Liquid Loft (Austria): Running Sushi – Keren Levi & Ugo DeHaes (Israel/Belgium): Couple Like – Sun-A Lee (Korea): Performing Dream – Suzy Blok (Netherlands): Me Entrego = I surrender – Simon Rowe (South-Africa): Modern Dance for Dummies – Hillary Blake Firestone (U.S.A.) – Sietske Tjallingii (Netherlands).

Pop-up acts at unexpected moments and places:

Ederson R. Xavier (Brazil) – Anat Yaffe (Israel)) – Kelly Hirina (U.S.A.) – Hillary Blake Firestone (U.S.A.)

Food art:




a selection of more than 25 short dance-films made in Holland and abroad.