Me Entrego = I Surrender

In Me Entrego=I Surrender (2007) Suzy Blok departed from a conceptual research of the basic elements of the tango and the culture behind the tango. After pealing off the outside layers she finally concentrated on leading and being lead, surrender and control to create this duet.

How far does one go in trust? Does blind trust in one another exist?

In Me Entrego=I Surrender the dancers move from challenge to game to complete surrender in sensitive and highly physical dance.

Suzy worked together with two outstanding dancers: Ederson R. Xavier (Brazil) and Sara Del Barrio Benito (Spain) and incorporated their characters and personalities in the work. The music is by Yannis Kyriakides, O. Pugliese and J. Swart. Me Entrego=I Surrender was produced by Tango Art and performed during Tango à la Carte, Alkmaar and ‘I Like To Watch Too’ Paradiso, Amsterdam.

Duration: +-20 minutes.